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Join in on the Benjamin Banneker Association 2022-2023 Global Cardboard Challenge!

Benjamin Banneker, often recognized as the First African-American Man of Science, was a mathematician, astronomer, farmer, abolitionist, surveyor and author. His many contributions impact the world we live in today! After learning about Benjamin Banneker’s life, design your invention using cardboard as the primary material. Your invention should:

a.   reflect the resourcefulness and imagination of Benjamin Banneker

b.   provide purpose for / impact your community (school, neighborhood, city, etc.)

This event is open to people of ALL ages!!

This competition supports high-quality learning in every subject by converging  three ideas – focus, perseverance and inspiration. We hope Benjamin Banneker’s focus and perseverance will also inspire your ingenuity to exercise your creative talents through the “Build Like Benjamin Banneker” Cardboard Challenge.


Click to download the “Build LIke Benjamin Banneker” Official Playbook.


Benjamin Banneker Inspired Lessons

Click the above image to download outstanding lesson plans written and/or organized by Benjamin Banneker Association members.

  • Interview and Live Book Reading with “Ticktock Banneker’s Clock” author, Shana Keller Selway

  • Interview with Andrea Davis Pinkney, author of “Dear Benjamin Banneker” and “Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men Who Changed America”

  • Interview with Derrick Holmes, CEO of Banneker Watches and Clocks, Inc.

BBA Members – two of these recordings have been archived in the Member’s Only area of our website.


Follow us on social media and participate in our “Banneker Challenges” – brief activities designed to encourage you to learn more about Benjamin Banneker and how his accomplishments have affected the world we live in.

Invite your family, friends, and colleagues. You won’t want to miss it!

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